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Online - Geosynthetics Course Year 2021

iGrip presents the latest edition of online Geosynthetics course organized during 6th Jan 2021 to 22nd April 2021. Geosynthetics continue to play an ever increasing role in Geotechnical practices, structural design and developmental research around the world. The presented lecture series attempts to provide a holistic step by step approach towards learning of Geosynthetics basics and building concepts through examples, case studies and experimental studies. It covers a wide range of topics pertaining to Geosynthetics including products, material testing, applications, design, case studies, etc. The course is coordinated by Prof. G. V. Rao. The instructors of the course include:

  • Prof. G.V. Rao: Formerly Prof & Head, Dept of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi. Currently, Visiting Professor, IIT Gandhinagar and foremost expert in the field
  • Dr. Jimmy Thomas: Geosynthetics Consultant and alumnus of IIT Kanpur
  • Dr. M. Venkataraman: President, Indian Chapter of International Geosynthetics Society
  • Dr. Anil Dixit: Director, Landmark Testing Laboratory, Jaipur and alumnus of IIT Delhi
  • Mr. Saurabh Vyas: Head, Technical Services, Techfab India Pvt Ltd
  • Mr. Atanu Adhikari: Vice President, Reinforced Earth India Pvt Ltd

The expertise areas of the resource persons as mentioned above strike a perfect blend of academics, laboratory experimentation and on-field execution expertise. It provides first-hand insights and engaging experiences on a variety of areas including topics such as RS wall design with Coherent Gravity Methods, Design of Pavements and Laboratory Testing strictly adhering to various available standards and codes. The course tends to cater the requirements and challenges faced by researchers and its actual application in the field. Above mentioned collection, makes this series of lectures immensely useful for students, professionals and academicians alike. There are 42 lectures in this course spread around in 7 different units and 2 short courses.

UNIT 1 – Geosynthetics – An Overview
Unit-1.1 Why Geosynthetics G.V.Rao
Unit-1.2 Types and Manufacturing Methods G.V.Rao
Unit-1.3 Functions & Engineering Properties arising from Manufacture G.V.Rao
Unit-1.4 Typical Applications G.V.Rao
Unit-1.5 Product range in India Saurabh Vyas
UNIT 2 – Geotextiles
Unit-2 Geotextiles – Testing – Fundamentals G.V.Rao
Unit-2.1 Geotextiles – Testing and Evaluation Anil Dixit & G.V.Rao
Unit-2.2.1 Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Structures – Fundamentals G.V.Rao
Unit-2.2.2 Design of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Structures – B.S.Method G.V.Rao
Unit-2.2.3 Long Term Design Strength (LTDS) of Geosynthetic Reinforcement G.V.Rao
Unit-2.2.4 Geotextiles – Basal Reinforcement G.V.Rao
Unit-2.2.5 Case Histories – Basal Reinforcement G.V.Rao
UNIT 3 – Geogrids
Unit-3.1 Geogrid : Testing and Evaluation Anil Dixit
Unit-3.1.1 Geogrid Reinforced Soil Structures Jimmy Thomas
Unit-3.1.2 Design of Reinforced Soil Walls Jimmy Thomas
Unit-3.1.3 Design of Reinforced Soil Walls – Internal Stability Jimmy Thomas
Unit-3.1.4 Reinforced Soil Walls – LRFD Design Example Jimmy Thomas
Unit-3.1.5 Reinforced Soil Walls – Facing, Connection, Drainage, Detailing Jimmy Thomas
Unit-3.2 Reinforced Soil Slopes Jimmy Thomas
Unit-3.3 Case Studies: Reinforced Soil Walls G.V.Rao
UNIT 4 – Metallic Reinforcement in Reinforced Soil Structures
Unit-4.1 Metallic Gabion Walls Jimmy Thomas
Unit-4.2 Reinforced Soil Structures with Gabion Facia Jimmy Thomas
Unit-4.3 Reinforced Earth Wall Design – Steel Reinforcement Atanu Adhikari
Unit-4.4 Extensible versus In-extensible Reinforcement Jimmy Thomas
UNIT 5 – Natural Fibre Goetextiles
Unit-5 Natural Fibres Geotextiles G.V.Rao
UNIT 6 – Geomembranes
Unit-6 Engineering Landfills with Geosynthetics M Venkataraman
UNIT 7 – Ground Improvement
Unit-7.1 Soil Treatment – A review of Indian Experiences G.V.Rao
Unit-7.2 Field Compaction G.V.Rao
Short Course I – Principles of Modern Pavement Engineering – An Overview
SC-I-01 Pavement Engineering – Introduction G.V.Rao
SC-I-02 Soil Subgrade Characterization for Pavements G.V.Rao
SC-I-03 Bituminous Materials and Tests on Road Bitumen and Tar G.V.Rao
SC-I-04 Design of Flexible Pavements – IRC 37 Kolli Mohan Krishna
SC-I-05 Geosynthetics in Unpaved Road Pavements G.V.Rao
SC-I-06 Reinforced Flexible Pavement – Design and Case Studies G.V.Rao
SC-I-07 Design of Reinforced Flexible Pavement IRC-37, IRC-SP59 Kolli Mohan Krishna
Short Course II – Coastal and River Bank Stabilization with Geosynthetics
SC-II-01 Coastal and River Bank Stabilization with Geosynthetics – Part I M Venkataraman
SC-II-02 Coastal and River Bank Stabilization with Geosynthetics – Part II M Venkataraman
SC-II-03 Case Studies: Ground Improvement and River Bank Protection Saurabh Vyas