A platform to create awareness about innovative practices and fostering multi-disciplinary research through amalgamation of academia and industry

About Us

The online portal of Geotechnical Research and Innovative Practices (iGRIP) aims at serving as a single platform and digital repository for information pertaining to geotechnical engineering catering the needs of the academia as well as the industry. Promotion of geotechnical engineering research is envisioned by iGRIP with significant contributions and co-operation from the industry and the academia emphasizing upon the need of the hour required in the growing infrastructure sector. The initiative is focused on dissemination of state-of-the-art practices and cutting-edge engineering knowledge and expert advice covering at present primarily Ground Improvement and Applications of Geosynthetics. Another important aspect of this initiative aims at spreading awareness right from the undergraduate level of civil engineering education to the one required by the researchers in their own respective fields. This is primarily aided by a collection of authentic resource material (e.g., design aids and guidelines, code of practices, case studies, academic presentations and lectures for teaching and learning purposes) concerning latest modern techniques and practices applied in the field of geotechnical engineering.

iGRIP also aspires at lending their helping hand to various organizations as well as industry partners in conducting workshops and short courses. It aims at fostering a close tie between both the industry as well as the academia with an emphasis on spreading of knowledge, their unique expertise and innovative technological solutions with an attempt of making the community aware of various design standards and documenting different case studies. The long-term vision of iGRIP is also intended to bring into confidence various stakeholders of the geotechnical engineering community viz. practitioners, researchers, faculties and students to adopt a much better path towards sustainable development. Provision of expert consultancy advice for critical as well as complicated geotechnical issues ranging from testing to application is also present there in iGRIP. It thus provides a one of its kind platform and aims at fulfilling the purpose of creating an ambient for free and unconventional thinking seeking solutions to present day engineering problems.