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Geosynthetics Course Year 2019

Lecture1 Introduction to Geosynthetics G.V.Rao
Lecture2 Applications of Geosynthetics G.V.Rao
Lecture3 An Applications of Geosynthetics M.Venkataraman
Lecture4 Geosynthetics Testing & Evaluation G.V.Rao
Lecture5 Geosynthetics Reinforced Soil Structures – Fundamentals G.V.Rao
Lecture6 Long Term Design Strength of Geosynthetic Reinforcement G.V.Rao
Lecture7 Reinforced soil Walls Jimmy Thomas
Lecture8 Reinforced soil Slopes Jimmy Thomas
Lecture9 Reinforced Soil Walls and Slopes (BS 8006: An Overview) Jimmy Thomas
Lecture10 Reinforced Soil Walls Case Studies M.Venkataraman
Lecture11 Complex Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall Structures Naresh C.samtani
Lecture12 Geosynthetics Products and Applications with Case Histories Saurabh Vyas
Lecture13 Embankment on soft foundations G.V.Rao
Lecture14 Landfill Engineering Systems M.Venkataraman
Lecture15 Coastal and River Protection works with Geosynthetics M.Venkataraman
Lecture16 Geosynthetics Application in Erosion Control M.Venkataraman
Lecture17 Design and New Construction of Pavements with Granular layers and Geogrids G.V.Rao
Lecture18 Design of PVD’s G.V.Rao
Lecture19 Geocell – Applications Shahrokh Bagli